Table of Contents
Special Issue on cognitive and learning‐related approaches to advancing the understanding and treatment of anxiety
Early maltreatment effects on adolescent attention control to non‐emotional and emotional distractors
Anxiously elaborating the social percept : Anxiety and age differences in functional connectivity of the fusiform face area in a peer evaluation paradigm
Does attentional bias to threat ameliorate or exacerbate the detrimental effect of trait anxiety on behavioural preparedness for real‐world danger?
One small step towards the spider, but a giant leap in anxiety : Biased attentional responding to spider stimuli causally contributes to the rate of growth in state anxiety during spider approach
Distraction versus training attention away from threat : How to best wait for the dentist?
Threat‐related gaze fixation and its relationship with the speed and generalisability of extinction learning
Instructed extinction in human fear conditioning : History, recent developments, and future directions
Emotional working memory training as an online intervention for adolescent anxiety and depression : A randomised controlled trial