Research that adds something…
Regional versus urban differences in teenage alcohol use: Does parental disapproval account for these differences?
Development and evaluation of training in culturally specific screening and brief intervention for hospital patients with alcohol-related injuries
How effective and acceptable is Web 2.0 Balint group participation for general practitioners and general practitioner registrars in regional Australia? A pilot study
Barriers to the use of paediatric clinical practice guidelines in rural and regional New South Wales Australia
Oceans apart, yet connected: Findings from a qualitative study on professional supervision in rural and remote allied health services
Speech pathology and occupational therapy students participating in placements where their supervisor works in a dual role
Gaining a ‘proper sense’ of what happens out there: An ‘Academic Bush Camp’ to promote rural placements for students
Hand infection patients presenting to an orthopaedic unit: An audit of incidence and demographics at a rural hospital
Spatial illustration of health-care workforce accessibility index in China: How far has our 2009 health-care reform brought us?
Investigation of cancer mortality inequalities between rural and urban areas in South Korea
Place matters