In this issue – March 2011
Wound healing after mulesing and other options for controlling breech flystrike in Merino lambs : quantitative and semiquantitative analysis of wound healing and wound bed contraction
Lionel Laws
Mechanism of resistance to synthetic pyrethroids in buffalo flies in south-east Queensland
Use of BAER to identify loss of auditory function in older horses
Cutaneous asthenia in a Warmblood foal
Frank Fenner
Avian trichomoniasis : a study of lesions and relative prevalence in a variety of captive and free-living bird species as seen in an Australian avian practice
Osteopathy and the treatment of horses
Epidemiology of recent outbreaks of infectious laryngotracheitis in poultry in Australia
Notes on small animal dermatology
Hepatotoxicosis in dogs consuming a diet of camel meat contaminated with indospicine
Successful treatment of pulmonary aspergillosis in a cat
Atlas of small animal wound management and reconstructive surgery
Coming together in a crisis : Visiting vets affected by the floods
Scientists say don't whip your horse to win the race
Six reasons why US vet visits are declining
“Wherever you are, there are vets in your daily life”
The early bird gets the savings
Rickettsia felis report spot-on!
Queensland floods in media and policy
Australia Day honours
Dogs smell trouble
Working dog survives floodwaters and kangaroo attack
A new dawn : The Australian consumer law
Vet2011 kicks off in New Zealand
New rules for online animal medicine sales in the UK
Rural Industries Congress supports biosecurity planning
In memoriam
Stand down of employees in a natural disaster
Diversity in veterinary education
Vet Ed Continuing Education Quiz MARCH 2011