In this issue – April 2011
CCNU (lomustine) toxicity in dogs : a retrospective study (2002–07)
Howard Alton (Dusty) Rhodes
Fibrotic myopathy of the iliopsoas muscle in a dog
Kate McCarthy (nee Dora Catharine Cleverley)
Porcine circovirus-associated disease in weaner pigs in Western Australia
Preliminary investigation of some physiological responses of Bos indicus heifers to surgical spaying
Folliculogenesis, embryo parameters and post-transfer recipient pregnancy rate following equine follicle-stimulating hormone (eFSH) treatment in cycling donor mares
Recurrent Actinobacillus peritonitis in an otherwise healthy Thoroughbred horse
A humane solution to canine rabies in Bali
Take a photo, save a turtle
US graduates - males win out on jobs, salaries and debt
No pulling the wool over sheep's eyes
Antimicrobial resistance
AVJ article index 2010
Step into your social circle at Annual Conference
Are you ready to embrace change?
Challenges of treating horses in floods
Vets show resilience in the Christchurch quake
Managing underperformance
Opt-in to receive El supplement
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Metzl
Alcohol rubs best for surgical hand disinfection
Reminder of Annual General Meeting of the Australian Veterinary Association Limited
Nominations for the AVA Board
Bigger discounts on veterinary books
International One Health Congress
Dean's lecture 2011
On the policy side
Misuse of veterinary pharmaceuticals
Misuse of veterinary pharmaceuticals - a personal perspective