In this issue – January/February 2012
Phillip Rawson Knight : 1924–2010
Epidemiology of bovine Johne's disease (BJD) in beef cattle herds in Australia
Effect on time in quarantine of the choice of program for eradication of footrot from 196 sheep flocks in southern New South Wales
Transection of the lateral and long digital extensor tendons in racehorses
Leucopenia associated with abalone viral ganglioneuritis
Haemochromatosis in a Brazilian tapir ( Tapirus terrestris ) in an Australian zoo
Disseminated Scedosporium prolificans infection in a German Shepherd dog
Clinical radiology of exotic companion mammals
Osteosarcoma at the site of titanium orthopaedic implants in a dog
100 top consultations in small animal general practice
Torsion of quadrate and right middle liver lobes and gallbladder in a German Shepherd dog
Intimate partner violence and companion animal welfare
The laughing vet: anecdotes from a rural practice
March is Polite Pets Month
First use of AVA SMS alert system
In memory of Jenna O'Grady Donley - outstanding veterinary science graduate
You be the judge - can you afford to miss the AVA Annual Conference in 2012?
Veterinarians pivotal in responsible animal ownership
Pig virus hunter wins trophy
AHA welcomes new Chairman
Call for College award contenders
Equine Dentistry Fellowship announced
New Masters degree tackles animal disease emergencies
Changes in the workplace for 2012
New year, new Head of vet school
History of the Northern Territory Veterinary Surgeons Act
Re: The AVA and companion animal practice
Important areas to be addressed
Re: Declining pet population