In this issue – May 2012
Gordon Alexander Firth
Prevalence of breech-strike in mulesed, clipped and unmulesed Merino hoggets in south-eastern Australia
Duncan & Prasse's veterinary laboratory medicine: clinical pathology
Quarter-milking-, quarter-, udder- and lactation-level risk factors and indicators for clinical mastitis during lactation in pasture-fed dairy cows managed in an automatic milking system
Auer & Stick: equine surgery
Retrospective study of 103 presumed cases of tick ( Ixodes holocyclus ) envenomation in the horse
Adams & Stashak's lameness in horses
Suspected tick paralysis ( Ixodes holocyclus ) in a Miniature Horse
Postoperative pain and perioperative analgesic administration in dogs: practices, attitudes and beliefs of Queensland veterinarians
Xie's Chinese veterinary herbology
Comparison of the use of cabergoline and gonadotrophin to treat primary and secondary anoestrus in bitches
Waterbird movement across the Great Dividing Range and implications for arbovirus irruption into southern Victoria