Antibiotic prescribing habits of vets in Australia
Insight into vet response to Hendra
Five vets announced recipients in the Queen's Birthday Honours List
Ineffective therapies
Don't miss Vet School
Renewed commitment to International Animal Health Emergency Reserve
New foot-and-mouth disease vaccination policy boosts Australia's preparedness
Flexible working arrangements for employees
Monkeys and dogs and baboons - oh my!
First AVA Education Forum sets the pace
Congratulations for the most commendable paper
Dr Johnson escapes the zoo
Dogs don't want to dominate
Stockpersons assume veterinary role on live export voyages
In this issue – August 2012
Coeliotomy-assisted intrauterine insemination in dogs: a study of 238 inseminations
Flow cytometric detection of alpha-1-acid glycoprotein on feline circulating leucocytes
Resolution of life-threatening dysphagia caused by caudal occipital malformation syndrome following foramen magnum decompressive surgery
Comparative approach to understanding traumatic injury in the immature, postnatal brain of domestic animals
Small animal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Effect on the breech and tail characteristics of Merino lambs of varying the duration of application of occlusive plastic clips as an alternative to mulesing
Effects of intra-articular sodium pentosan polysulfate and glucosamine on the cytology, total protein concentration and viscosity of synovial fluid in horses
Kunjin flaviviral encephalomyelitis in an Arabian gelding in New South Wales, Australia
Poisonous2Pets: plants poisonous to dogs and cats
Effect of diet on serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration in the short-beaked echidna ( Tachyglossus aculeatus )