PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: North Nowra Veterinary Hospital
A dangerous dog
Vets learn about horse behaviour
Animal welfare is our business
Life membership update
PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic
Poultry virus vaccines lead to new virulent strains
Pets may prevent snuffles
PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: Post-employment restraint clauses
Judith Grieve receives AOM
PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: Raising a workplace grievance
Spread of pathogens through international trade
Volunteer vet positions in Samoa
Radiation compliance - how would you score?
AVA member spotlight
LETTERS AND PERSPECTIVES: WT Kendall's inaugural address to the Mutual Improvement Society
In this issue – September 2012
John (Jack) Henry Irvine
Haematology and biochemistry of warru ( Petrogale lateralis MacDonnell Ranges race) in captivity and the wild
Veterinary science in the tropics
Can dogs carry the global pandemic candidate avian influenza virus H9N2?
Small animal clinical diagnosis by laboratory methods
Clinical evaluation of alfaxalone as an anaesthetic induction agent in dogs less than 12 weeks of age
Equine pediatric medicine
Serum cardiac troponin I concentrations in horses with cardiac disease
Kirk and Bistner's handbook of veterinary procedures and emergency treatment
Combination fibrinolytic therapy in the treatment of chronic septic pleuropneumonia in a Thoroughbred gelding
Meat inspection in the Australian red-meat industries: past, present and future
Small animal soft tissue surgery