In this issue – April 2013 : Stress in female veterinarians · Sedation in cats · Equine amnionitis and fetal loss · Indigofera spicata poisoning in ponies · Failure of transfer of passive immunity in calves · Topical analgesia after mulesing
Re: Perpetrator-induced traumatic stress : Re: Perpetrator-induced traumatic stress
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Mental health in female veterinarians: effects of working hours and having children
Sedation of hyperthyroid cats with subcutaneous administration of a combination of alfaxalone and butorphanol
Erratum 3
Veterinary euthanasia techniques: a practical guide by Kathleen A Cooney, Jolynn R Chappell, Robert J Callan and Bruce A Connally. Wiley-Blackwell, West Sussex, 2012. 197 pages. Price A$37.99. ISBN 9780470959183.
Bacteria isolated from field cases of equine amnionitis and fetal loss
Indigofera spicata (creeping indigo) poisoning of three ponies
Failure of transfer of passive immunity and agammaglobulinaemia in calves in south-west Victorian dairy herds: prevalence and risk factors
Fish vetting essentials . Edited by R Loh and M Landos. Richmond Loh Publishing, Perth, 2011. 215 pages. Price $99. ISBN 978 0 98715 710 2.
Duration of action of a topical anaesthetic formulation for pain management of mulesing in sheep
Color atlas of veterinary histology (3rd edn. Edited by WJ Bacha and LM Bacha. Wiley-Blackwell, West Sussex, 2012. 356 pages. Price A$125.00. ISBN 978 0470958513.
“Dogs rule!” say US pet owners
AVA at work - policy and advocacy
Getting along with the family
Everything you need to learn about the veterinary world… and more
AVA in the news
Shaping the future - a conversation about canine behavior evaluations
Sydney Branch set sail
Some aspects of economics of the veterinary profession in Australia
Reminder of Annual General Meeting of The Australian Veterinary Association Limited
Take flight or set sail in Cairns
AVA Benevolent Fund - what happened in 2012?
AVA member adds her voice to Award Review
Farmers' new blueprint for food and fibre future
Making work more flexible