In this issue – March 2014
Emergency disease planning and preparedness
Poor quality photomicrographs
Structure, dynamics and movement patterns of the Australian pig industry
Risk factors for Merino ewe mortality on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia
Liver necrosis and photosensitisation in cattle after eating Persicaria lapathifolia (pale knotweed) and Persicaria orientalis (Prince's feather)
Vaginal cytology after induction of ovulation in the queen: comparison of postoestrus and dioestrus
Influence of needle gauge used for venipuncture on automated platelet count and coagulation profile in dogs
Corrective osteotomy for procurvatum deformity caused by distal femoral physeal fracture malunion stabilised with String-of-Pearls locking plates: results in two dogs and a review of the literature
Correction of intramural ureteral ectopia by ureteral transection and neoureterostomy with the distal ureter left in situ
Diagnostic challenge: right head tilt and depression in a dog
Australia Day Honours 2014
Australia Day Achievement Award
Animal welfare, animal rights
What did you say? Speaking and listening in our association
Australian Veterinary Orchestra to debut at 2014 Annual Conference in support of veterinary mental health
Volunteer opportunities
Working out notice after resignation
Quick thinking and actions save practice, pets and staff
How healthy is your relationship with your business partners?
Congratulations to the photo competition winners
Seahorse World
Some observations on the economics of the veterinary profession in Australia
Celebrating Ian Pearson 70 years as an AVA member
Re: Experiences of ritual slaughter
Eradication of infectious diseases and the veterinary profession