In this issue – July 2014 : Whip use in racing · Educational videos on livestock handling · Restraint and satellite tracking of cassowaries · Ultrasonographic biometry of the cat eye · Feline primary immune-mediated haematological disease · Screw-worm fly surveillance · Johne's disease vaccination · Detection of BVDV antibodies in milk
Handedness of whip use by Australian Jockeys
Manual of clinical behavioral medicine for dogs and cats
Development and evaluation of online video teaching resources to enhance student knowledge of livestock handling
Chemical immobilisation and satellite tagging of free-living southern cassowaries
Ultrasonographic biometry of the normal eye of the Persian cat
Zoonoses: protecting people and their pets
Primary immune-mediated thrombocytopenia and immune-mediated neutropenia suspected in a 21-week-old Maine Coon cat
Spatial analysis of targeted surveillance for screw-worm fly ( Chrysomya bezziana or Cochliomyia hominivorax ) in Australia
Effectiveness of Gudair™ vaccine for the control of ovine Johne's disease in flocks vaccinating for at least 5 years
Milk as a diagnostic sample for a commercially available ELISA to identify bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) antibodies in dairy herds
Vigilance is important to identify emerging viruses
Introducing your new President
A rewarding experience
‘Attila the Hen’ and Hendra research
You're not exactly patient We hear you
Australian livestock disease modelling upgrades to ‘multi-lane highway’
Best practice management of livestock
Beautifully orchestrated
Dr Harry Cooper honoured for service to veterinary science
Novel gammaherpesvirus found in Australian cats
Farewell Alastair Henderson
Superbug crisis - are animals putting us at risk?
Wildlife network reborn as Wildlife Health Australia
An Australian first in vet protection
Behaviour problems in pets
Saving the good parts
Changing rosters
Environmental recirculation of ketamine
The AVA and the OIE
Apologies to Pamela