In this issue – September 2014
Mycoplasma bovis in Australian dairy herds
Sandra Joan Duncan
Clinical review of two fatal equine cases of infection with the insectivorous bat strain of Australian bat lyssavirus
Allan McTackett
Multicentre, randomised clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of alfaxalone administered to bitches for induction of anaesthesia prior to caesarean section
Professor Kenneth Jubb
Late-onset cerebellar abiotrophy in a Labrador Retriever
Detection of brucellosis and leptospirosis in feral pigs in New South Wales
Animal law in Australasia (2nd edition by P Sankoff, S White and C Black. The Federation Press, Australia, 2013. 416 pages. Price: A$84.95. ISBN 9781862879300.
Breech-strike on mulesed, clipped and unmulesed Merino ewes and hoggets in south-eastern Australia
Graham Stutchbury ‘Stutch’
Evaluation of a copro-antigen ELISA to detect Fasciola hepatica infection in sheep, cattle and horses
Acanthocephalan infection and sparganosis in a green tree snake ( Dendrelaphis punctulata )
Discovery of Australian bat lyssavirus in horses poses further threats to human and animal health
A female veterinarian may also apply
Evolving our thinking on membership
Misuse of Tri-solfen in cattle is a concern for export industry
Vet students at risk of a lifetime of debt
Veterinary remuneration - the facts
Celebrating the village vet's lifestyle
Volunteering in Australia's remote indigenous communities
Crisis response for animal welfare situation overview report
Good news on antimicrobial resistance in cattle
Crossbred cats live longer than purebred cats
Nearly 1000 vets attend the World Buiatrics Congress in Cairns
Bain Fallon
Asking appropriate interview questions: equal opportunity influences
Overcoming anxiety and increasing resilience in pets
Euthanasia of a greyhound
Congratulations Mark Lawrie
Social marketing to address cat overpopulation