In this issue – October 2014 : Animal hoarding · Flystrike control · Pain relief in lambs · Neuroaxonal dystrophy in lambs · Pericarditis in neonatal foals · Nasojejunal feeding tube misplacement in a dog · Gastric adenocarcinoma in a python
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Professor Douglas Blood : 1920–2013
James Whittem OAM : 1921–2014
Characteristics of persons convicted for offences relating to animal hoarding in New South Wales
Farm animal medicine and surgery: for small animal veterinarians
Effective control of a suspected cyromazine-resistant strain of Lucilia cuprina using commercial spray-on formulations of cyromazine or dicyclanil
Efficacy of a buccal meloxicam formulation for pain relief in Merino lambs undergoing knife castration and tail docking in a randomised field trial
Managing pig health: a reference for the farm
Neuroaxonal dystrophy in Merino-Border Leicester × Polled Dorset lambs
Australia's war against rabbits: the story of rabbit haemorrhagic disease
Fibrinous pericarditis and pericardial effusion in three neonatal foals
Color atlas of equine pathology
Tension pneumothorax secondary to nasojejunal feeding tube misplacement in a mechanically ventilated dog
Veterinary emergency and critical care procedures
Gastric adenocarcinoma in a diamond python ( Morelia spilota spilota )
Fur seals and sea lions
Member survey on the Award
How I stayed sane
Innovating professional associations
The John (Carl) Peterson Award
Tri-Solfen article apology and retraction
Shedding light on animal hoarding
ASAVA Annual Conference 2014
ERADICATE pays off in PNG
Alan Guilfoyle wins ACV Bovine Practitioner Award
Join the AVA online community and be heard
Stroking your cat improves its immunity
Developing your managerial and people skills - new online resources
EVA and the World Equestrian Games
Comment on claims of misuse of Tri-Solfen
The true value of a veterinarian
Winner of the Cattle Quilt