Promoting mental health at the workplace
Policy development - time for a rethink?
Progress on pet insurance
Emergency Animal Diseases Bulletin: Crayfish plague
Rabies is a real risk in Australia
Highlights of the AVA's media program
Protection against Hendra at equestrian events
Fighting antimicrobial resistance during Antibiotic Awareness Week
AMRRIC celebrates 10 years
South Australian study into dog bite incidents
Latest strain of avian influenza in Southeast Asia
Russell Dickens OAM
2015 AVA Awards - call for nominations
The complicated strains of rabbit calicivirus
Cattle practices leading the herd
Communication - the essential ingredient
In this issue – November 2014 : Anthelmintic resistance in sheep · Flystrike control · Tendon rupture repair · Surgical management of recurrent paraphimosis · Hypothyroidism and insulin resistance · Haemolytic anaemia in a platypus · A novel recombinant equine influenza vaccine
Feline soft tissue and general surgery
Alastair Henderson : 1940–2014
Peter Bruce Lewis : 1931–2014
Anthelmintic resistance in ovine gastrointestinal nematodes in inland southern Queensland
Survival advantage of cyromazine-resistant sheep blowfly larvae on dicyclanil- and cyromazine-treated Merinos
Biomechanical evaluation of double Krackow sutures versus the three-loop pulley suture in a canine gastrocnemius tendon avulsion model
Combined preputial advancement and phallopexy as a revision technique for treating paraphimosis in a dog
Hypothyroidism associated with acromegaly and insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus in a Samoyed
Focused ultrasound techniques for the small animal practitioner
Haemolytic anaemia associated with Theileria sp. in an orphaned platypus
Safety and immunogenicity of a novel cold-adapted modified-live equine influenza virus vaccine