In this issue – March 2015
A case of Murray Valley encephalitis in a 2-year-old Australian Stock Horse in south-east Queensland
Canine tick-borne pathogens and associated risk factors in dogs presenting with and without clinical signs consistent with tick-borne diseases in northern Australia
Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy
Right-sided congestive heart failure in a dog because of a primary intracavitary myocardial lymphoma
An investigation into exposure of pigs to lead from contaminated zinc oxide in 2007–2008
Basic veterinary immunology
Molybdenum deprivation, purine ingestion and an astrocyte-associated motor neurone syndrome in sheep: assumed clinical effects of inosine
Kirk's current veterinary therapy XV.
Tooth wear, body mass index and management options for edentulous black flying-foxes ( Pteropus alecto Gould) in the Townsville district, north Queensland, Australia