In this issue – July 2015 : Susceptibility of mastitis-causing bacteria to antimicrobials · Permanent fistulation of sheep rumen neuropathotyping of two Marek's disease virus isolates · Intramedullary bone infarct after TPLO in a dog · Idiopathic vestibular syndrome and facial nerve paralysis in a cat · Mycoses in Guthega skinks · Neospora caninum in alpacas
Barry Hart : 1928–2014
Susceptibility to antimicrobials of mastitis-causing Staphylococcus aureus , Streptococcus uberis and Str. dysgalactiae from New Zealand and the USA as assessed by the disk diffusion test
Surgical and postoperative events during permanent fistulation of sheep rumen by the Schalk and Amadon method
In vivo characterisation of two Australian isolates of Marek's disease virus including pathology, viral load and neuropathotyping based on clinical signs
Cutaneous and systemic mycoses from infection with Lecanicillium spp. in captive Guthega skinks ( Liopholis guthega )
Concurrent idiopathic vestibular syndrome and facial nerve paralysis in a cat
Suspected intramedullary bone infarct subsequent to tibial plateau levelling osteotomy in a dog
Serological evidence of Neospora caninum in alpacas from eastern Australia
How do we know when an animal is happy?
Introducing the new AVA President: Dr Robert Johnson
The 2015 Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference
Defining our appetite for risk
Dog bites are a public health issue
Enhanced national rabies response preparedness
Avoid disaster by having an email and backup protocol
Australia the lucky country for antibiotic resistance
Triage and treatment for traumatised koalas
Putting climate change on the agenda
Australian Army Veterinary Corps memorial
Australian appointments to OIE
How to help grieving clients
Social media: employment obligations
Dogs and people: are we making a difference?
Whips in racing: is it time to take a stronger stand?