In this issue – October 2015
Risk factors for mortality in cattle during live export from Australia by sea
Infectious reproductive disease pathogens in dairy herd bulls
Trait perfectionism strengthens the negative effects of moral stressors occurring in veterinary practice
Effect of activated protein C in second intention healing of equine distal limb wounds: a preliminary study
Negative pressure wound therapy with instillation for body wall reconstruction using an artificial mesh in a Dachshund
Pain management in veterinary practice
Multiple pathological fractures and delayed union associated with lead exposure in a German Shepherd Dog
Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography findings of Dyke-Davidoff-Masson-like syndrome in a cat
Fibrous ingluvial foreign bodies in 33 cockatiels ( Nymphicus hollandicus )
Q fever vaccination - don't forget your nurses
Economics and our profession
How can we play a role in improving animal welfare?
2016 AVA Awards - call for nominations
Calls for national animal welfare leadership
The pet insurance journey
New national graduate mentoring program
Hoarding isn't rewarding
GAP greyhounds and blood donations
INDUSTRY FOCUS: National Veterinary Care lists on the ASX
Assessing the welfare of cows in large dairy herds
Health services and music - exploring copyright and music licensing
Shoeing for performance
How to look at all the options in a crowded graduate market
Business restructuring and how it affects you: part 1
Celebrating success
Use of whips in horse racing
Response from Melanie Latter, Veterinary Affairs Manager