In this issue – January/February 2016 : Vet student and graduate numbers · Discrepancy in cat food labelling · Chewing on raw beef bones to reduce dental calculus · Uterine adhesions and intramural uterine foreign material in a Dachshund bitch · Effect of Manuka honey gel on equine limb wounds · Anthelmintic resistance in dairy cattle · Intraperitoneal implants for monitoring koala body temperature
Phillip Frank Lewis 1919–2015
Collation of data on applicants, offers, acceptances, students and graduates in veterinary science in Australia 2001–2013
Discrepancy between the composition of some commercial cat foods and their package labelling and suitability for meeting nutritional requirements
Raw beef bones as chewing items to reduce dental calculus in Beagle dogs
Dachshund bitch with severe uterine adhesions and intramural uterine foreign material as an incidental ovariohysterectomy finding
Effect of Manuka honey gel on the transforming growth factor β1 and β3 concentrations, bacterial counts and histomorphology of contaminated full-thickness skin wounds in equine distal limbs
Anthelmintic resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes of dairy cattle in the Macalister Irrigation District of Victoria
Andrew Hansen 1945–2015
Surgical implantation of temperature-sensitive transmitters and data-loggers to record body temperature in koalas ( Phascolarctos cinereus )
Veterinary dentistry for the general practitioner. 2nd edn. C Gorrel. Saunders Elsevier, UK, 2013. 240 pages. Price A$91.22. ISBN 9780702049439.