In this issue – April 2016 : Horse owners perceptions of Australian equine research · Association between increased tracheal blood and poor racing performance · Cardiac perforation by pacemaker lead in a dog · Lissencephaly in a mature Australian Kelpie · Dorsal wound protection in research pigs · Theileria orientalis in beef cattle · Monotreme morbidity and mortality · Serum biochemistry values in Australian alpacas
Views on equine-related research in Australia from the Australian equestrian community: perceived outputs and benefits
Association of tracheal mucus or blood and airway neutrophilia with racing performance in Thoroughbred horses in an Australian racing yard
Artis Medenis 1920–2015
Pacemaker lead perforation of the right ventricle associated with Moraxella phenylpyruvica infection in a dog
Lissencephaly in an adult Australian Kelpie
Rigid removable cover for dorsal wound protection and tube fixation in pigs
Prevalence of Theileria orientalis types in beef cattle herds on the North Coast of New South Wales
Morbidity and mortality of monotremes admitted to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre, Healesville Sanctuary, Australia, 2000–2014
Cross-sectional observational survey of serum biochemistry values in a population of 69 adult female alpacas ( Vicugna pacos ) in South Australia