In this issue – June 2016
High-quality care improves outcome in recumbent dairy cattle
Degree of corneal anaesthesia after topical application of 0.4% oxybuprocaine hydrochloride and 0.5% proparacaine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution in clinically normal cattle
Severe hyponatraemia in foals: clinical findings, primary diagnosis and outcome
Ultrasonographically visible hepatic location in clinically normal horses
Celebrating 36 Years. FAVA Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations: Birth, Progress, Performance and Sustainability
Evaluation of the factors contributing to long-term survival in canine tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma
Piroxicam and doxycycline treatment for an oral squamous cell carcinoma in an inshore bottlenose dolphin ( Tursiops aduncus )
Alphaherpesvirus-associated disease in greater bilbies ( Macrotis lagotis )
Taxonomy of Australian mammals
Should vets have a formal role in human clinical medicine?
FASAVA Kuala Lumpur 2016
Unveiling our new finance partner BOQ Specialist
Who do you want by your side in a zombie apocalypse?
Is the TP53 gene the elephant in the room?
Equine fractures and what's now fixable
Nine proposed changes you need to know that may affect your super
Federal budget bonus for small business
Vetting in the Alaskan wilderness
Highlights and achievements for members
The International Animal Health Emergency Reserve: sharing resources in an emergency animal disease event
Feral cats: the greatest threat to Australia's native animals
The value of pet insurance
Minimum and award wages review 2016-2017 and other news
Photography competition
Going with dogs