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Clinicopathological changes in healthy middle‐aged dogs and cats
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Wallace Ernest White 1937–2016
Emeritus Professor Ralph A Swan 1936–2016
J Desmond Baggot 1940–2016
Experimental Hendra virus infection of dogs
Clinical management of Brucella suis infection in dogs and implications for public health
Interleukin‐8, interleukin‐1β and tumour necrosis factor‐α in sequential units of packed red blood cells collected from retired racing Greyhounds
Relationship between transitional lumbosacral vertebrae and eight lumbar vertebrae in a breeding colony of Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Crosses
Chemotherapy for dogs with lymph node metastasis from histiocytic sarcomas
Survival of two dogs with pyothorax secondary to perforating oesophageal foreign body
Animal welfare in veterinary practice. J Yeates. Wiley‐Blackwell (UFAW Animal Welfare Series), 2013. 213 pages. A$86.95. ISBN 9781444334876.
Osteochondroma on the cranial aspect of the distal radial metaphysis causing tenosynovitis of the extensor carpi radialis tendon sheath in a horse
Post‐viraemic detection of bovine ephemeral fever virus by use of autogenous lymphoid tissue‐derived bovine primary cell cultures