In this issue – March 2017 : Dog‐roaming in remote Aboriginal communities · Intravascular lymphoma and hypoadrenocorticism in a dog · Ureteral leiomyosarcoma in a bitch · Neosporum caninum in NSW beef cattle · Hypovitaminosis A in heifers · Combination anthelmintics treatment of Parascaris in foals
Roaming behaviour of dogs in four remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, Australia : preliminary investigations
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Glucocorticoid‐deficient hypoadrenocorticism secondary to intravascular lymphoma in the adrenal glands of a dog
Primary ureteral leiomyosarcoma in a dog
Neospora caninum in beef herds in New South Wales, Australia. 1 : seroprevalence study
Backyard poultry medicine and surgery : a guide for veterinary practitioners. CB Greenacre and TY Morishita (editors). Wiley Blackwell, 2015. 368 pages. Price A$142.95. ISBN 9781118335437.
Hypovitaminosis A in extensively grazed beef cattle
Efficacy of a morantel–abamectin combination for the treatment of resistant ascarids in foals
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