Preface to Special Issue
The State of the Science in Autism: A View from the National Institutes of Health
State of the Science in Autism: Report to the National Institutes of Health1
Brief Report: Diagnostic Issues in Autism: Results of the DSM-IV Field Trial
Brief Report: Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders of Autistic Disorder
Brief Report: Epidemiology of Autism
Brief Report: Current Theory and Research on Language and Communication in Autism1
Brief Report: Communication, Language, Social, and Emotional Development
Brief Report: Neuropsychology of Autism: A Report on the State of the Science1
Brief Report: Response to National Institutes of Health Report
Brief Report: Developmental Neurobiological Aspects of Autism
Brief Report: Genetic, Prenatal, and Immunologic Factors
Brief Report: Neuroanatomic Observations of the Brain in Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Brief Report: Brain Mechanisms in Autism: Functional and Structural Abnormalities
Brief Report: Neuroimaging in Autism: The State of the Science 19951
Brief Report: Medial Temporal Lobe and Autism: A Putative Animal Model in Primates
Brief Report: Pathophysiology of Autism: Neurochemistry
Brief Report: The Role of National Brain and Tissue Banks in Research on Autism and Developmental Disorders1
Brief Report: Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Brief Report: Alternative Approaches to the Development of Effective Treatments for Autism
Brief Report: Early Intervention in Autism
Brief Report: The Case for Social and Behavioral Intervention Research
Brief Report: A Life-Span Perspective on the Development of Individuals with Autism
Autism Research: Prospects and Priorities
Collaboration Between Research Professional and Consumer