Editorial Preface
A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Pilot Trial of Low Dose Dimethylglycine in Patients with Autistic Disorder
Exclusion of Linkage to the HLA Region in Ninety Multiplex Sibships with Autism
Cognitive Scripts in Autistic Children and Adolescents
Autism During Infancy: A Retrospective Video Analysis of Sensory-Motor and Social Behaviors at 9-12 Months of Age
Do Children with PDDNOS Have a Theory of Mind?
Autistic Features in Young Children with Significant Cognitive Impairment: Autism or Mental Retardation?
Play Interactions of Family Members Towards Children with Autism
Deletion of Chromosome 2 q37 and Autism: A Distinct Subtype?
Understanding the Nature of Autism: A Practical Guide
Special Children, Challenged Parents
Is secretin a useful treatment in autism?