Editorial Preface
Further Evidence of Intact Working Memory in Autism
Hand Preference and Motor Functioning in Children with Autism
Obstetric Complications and Risk for Severe Psychopathology in Childhood
Facilitated Communication Since 1995: A Review of Published Studies
Comparisons of Discrete-Trial and Normalized Behavioral Language Intervention for Young Children with Autism
Stress in UK Families Conducting Intensive Home-Based Behavioral Intervention for Their Young Child with Autism
Brief Report: Recognition Memory and Stimulus-Reward Associations: Indirect Support for the Role of Ventromedial Prefrontal Dysfunction in Autism
Brief Report: Differential Treatment Outcomes for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Based on Level of Peer Social Avoidance
Brief Report: Assessment of a Screening Tool for Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Adult Population
Brief Report: Children with Autism as They Grow Up—Description of Adult Inpatients with Severe Autism
What to Measure in Autism Drug Trials
What is the prevalence of Asperger disorder?