Editorial Preface
Theory of Mind–Based Action in Children from the Autism Spectrum
Peer Interaction and Loneliness in High-Functioning Children with Autism
The Friendship Questionnaire : An Investigation of Adults with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism, and Normal Sex Differences
Sequential Evaluation of Reinforced Compliance and Graduated Request Delivery for the Treatment of Noncompliance in Children with Developmental Disabilities
Prevalence and Patterns of Use of Psychoactive Medicines among Individuals with Autism in the Autism Society of Ohio
The Effect of Choice-Making Opportunities during Activity Schedules on Task Engagement of Adults with Autism
Abnormal Brain Lateralization in High-Functioning Autism
The Understanding of Actions and Intentions in Autism
Response to Silvio Loddo's Commentary
Response to Goldstein's Commentary : Interventions to Facilitate Auditory, Visual, and Motor Integration
Response to Edelson, Rimland, and Grandin's Commentary
Re: Autism—Ear Infections—Glue Ear—Sleep Disorders
Neonatal Tuberculous Meningitis in a Patient with Asperger's Syndrome