The Weak Coherence Account : Detail-focused Cognitive Style in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Enhanced Perceptual Functioning in Autism : An Update, and Eight Principles of Autistic Perception
ERPs and Eye Movements Reflect Atypical Visual Perception in Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Demonstrations of Decreased Sensitivity to Complex Motion Information Not Enough to Propose an Autism-Specific Neural Etiology
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Sensory Integration and the Perceptual Experience of Persons with Autism
Impaired Face Processing in Autism : Fact or Artifact?
The Microgenesis of Global Perception in Autism
Global-Local Visual Processing in High Functioning Children with Autism : Structural vs. Implicit Task Biases
Attention to Eyes and Mouth in High-Functioning Children with Autism
TEACCH Conference Autism in Adolescents and Adults May 18–19, 2006
Division TEACCH Offers Classroom Training Program for Summer 2006 in Chapel Hill
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