Logic Control and “Reactive” Systems : Algorithmization and Programming
Nonlinear Distributed-Parameter Equations : Their Stability Domains1
System Embedding. Linear Control
Chaotic Oscillations in the Relay System with Hysteresis
Synthesis of an Optimal Control for Continuous Markov Processes by Semidefinite Quality Criteria
Capacity of the Random Multiple Access Method
An Approach to Calculating the Probability of Retaining the Maximal Flow
Design of Robust Linear Controllers under Parametric Uncertainty of the Object Model1
Robust Cluster Analysis of Discrete Multivariate Observations
Adaptive Control of an Object with a Delayed Control and Scalar Input-Output Signals
Design of the l 1-suboptimal Robust Controller for the Linear Object with Nonstructured Uncertainty1
Methods of Decreasing the Complexity of Logic Circuits
Some Problems of Synthesis of Optimal Modular Systems of Real-Time Data Handling in the ACS of the Alfa International Space Station
International Space Forum in Commemoration of the Fortieth Anniversary of Yu. A. Gagarin's Flight
Sixth International Conference “System Analysis and Control of the Aerospace Complexes”