System Embedding. Linear Observation
On the Polynomially Solvable Problem of Designing Behavior of the Intelligent Robot
Method of Radial Drift for Qualitative Study of the Properties of the Nonlinear Dynamic Systems.II. Study of Asymptotic System Stability
Cascade Design of State Observers
Existence of Continua of Cycles in Hamiltonian Control Systems1
Planning of Identifying Input Signals in Linear Dynamic Systems
Nonlinear Stochastic Systems under Constraints : Optimization of Their Control
Design of Controls for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
Robust Control of Nonlinear Objects with Functional Uncertainties1
Robust Stabilization of the Parametrically Perturbed System
Adaptive Decentralized Control of Multivariable Objects
Polynomial Design of Optimal Sampled-Data Tracking SystemsI. Quadratic Optimization
Decomposition of the Game of Agents in Problems of Incentive
Effective Strategies of Forming Scenarios of the Behavior of Complex Systems in the ACSES's
Implementation of Some Algorithms for Accelerating Computer Calculations