Estimates of the Real Structured Radius of Stability of Linear Dynamic Systems1
System Embedding. Classes of the Control Laws
An Identification Algorithm for a Linear Discrete Dynamic Control System
Design of a Modified Controller in the State Space
On Asymptotic Equivalence of the Solutions of Some Volterra Difference Equations
Stability-Optimal One-Dimensional Control Systems.I
Guaranteed Estimation Algorithms for Prediction and Interpolation of Random Processes
Statistical Recognition of Multivariate Non-Gaussian Patterns
Ellipsoidal State Estimates of Linear Dynamic Systems
Minimization of Overshoot in Linear Discrete-Time Systems via Low-Order Controllers
Multifractality and Self-Adjustment of the Attraction Channel of Stock Market
Aggregation of Information in Incentive Models
Dual Estimates of the Optimal Plan Model and Regional Market Costs
An Informational Technology for Description and Morphometric Analysis of Images of Microobjects
Self-Dual Self-Testing Multicycle Circuits
Energy Saving Testing of Circuits
Objective Scenario Approach to System Analysis
Liquid Metering Systems
Modern Natural Sciences
Fifteenth IFAC Congress
List of Conferences and Seminars in St. Petersburg in 2001 with Support of the Territorial Group on Automatic Control