Hypermedia Models
Stability of Linear Difference and Differential Inclusions
On One Necessary Condition of the D-Stability of Matrices Having No Less Than Two Zero Elements on the Main Diagonal
On Limit Periodicity of the Solutions of Some Volterra Systems
Laying out Communication Lines over a Nonuniform Territory1
Controllability of Linear Discrete Systems with Bounded Control and (Almost) Periodic Disturbances1
Stability-Optimal One-Dimensional Control Systems.II
Control Optimization by the Quantile Criterion1
Solutions of Hereditary Stochastic Equations : A Comparison
An Improved Reduction Algorithm to Check Hypotheses for the Multicollinear Regression Model
Estimation of the Characteristics of Multiflow Models with Fixed Number of Retrials1
Analysis of Queues under Batch Service in an M/G/1 System in a Random Environment
Non-Markovian Models of Communication Networks with Adaptive Random Multiple Access Protocols
Queuing Networks for “Transparent” Calls1
Irreversible Microeconomics : Optimal Processes and Control1
Operational-Object-Oriented Technology : Analysis of Scenarios in Project Control
Principles of Symmetry and Relative Errors of Instrumentation and Transducers
The Brocket Stabilization Problem
The 80th Birthday of Aleksandr Arkad'evich Krasovskii
The Third International Conference Complex Systems : Control and Modeling Problems, September 3–10, 2001, Samara, Russia
International Conference Parallel Computations and Control Problems PACO'2001, Moscow, October 2–4, 2001
New Electronic Journal “Information Processes”
Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia Holds in 2001 the Following Activities
List of Permanent Seminars in St. Petersburg on the Theory and Application of Control Systems