System Embedding. Control under Incomplete Information
Method of Radial Drift for Qualitative Study of the Properties of the Nonlinear Dynamic Systems.III. On Existence of Invariant Closed Contours
A Pursuit Problem under Phase Constraints
On the Signs of Pulses in the Problems of Optimal Control with Fixed Ends of the Trajectories
On Development of a Minimizing Sequence of Controls for the Nonstationary Bilinear Problem of an Optimal High-Speed Response
Structural Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Objects in the Conditions of a Passive Experiment
Random Moment Analysis of Stochastic Hierarchical Systems
A Wireless LAN under High Load and in Noise
A Multiserver Retrial Queueing System with Batch Markov Arrival Process
Optimal Routing Parameters for Queueing Networks
Nonblocking Conditions for Multiring Commutators and Generalized Hypercubes in Arbitrary Commutations. I. Internodal Commutation. Multirings
A Linear Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Problem with Quantile Criterion
The Optimal Policy of Dividends, Investments, and Capital Distribution for the Dynamic Model of a Company1
Algorithms of Optimal Supply of Resources to a Group of Projects (Stochastic Networks)1
Modeling in the Problems of Production System Reengineering
Control of Motion of an Actively Bending Body in Prescribed Channels with Viscous Friction1
IIInternational Conference on System Identification and Control Problems