Stability of Complex Systems in Critical Cases
The 2F3D-Model of Filtration in the Bottom Zones of Horizontal Oil Wells.I. Qualitative Studies
Piecewise-Linear Lyapunov Functions and Localization of Spectra of Stable Matrices1
On Asymptotic Stability of the Rough Stationary Points of the Discontinuous Dynamic Systems on Plane1
Unimproving Extension and the Structure of Extremals in Control of the Credit
Distributed Measuring-Calculating Methods of Modeling Flows in Pipeline Systems
Nonparametric Estimation of the Logarithmic Density Derivative of Sequences with Strong Mixing1
Nonparametric Approximation of the Density Function Logarithm of the Two-dimensional Random Variable1
Optimal Control of the Portfolio1
Nonblocking Conditions for Multiring Commutators and Generalized Hypercubes for Arbitrary Commutations.II. Generalized Hypercubes. Intranode Commutation
Adaptive Optimal Nonlinear Filtering and Some Adjacent Questions
Control of Motion of a Body in Formation of a Channel in a Fluid
On the Right Solutions of a Class of Discontinuous Systems. I1