System Embedding. Nonconstructive Modeling
A System Approach to Modeling Stochastic Objects with Invariants
Methods of the Sequential Testing of Hypotheses in Problems of Analysis of Random Processes Involving Structural Changes
The MAP|GN|1|1 Queueing System with Two Special Service Disciplines
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Diagnosis of a Regular-Structure Processor Network
System Diagnosis of the Failed Modules and Connections in Hypercube Structures of the Multiprocessor Computer Systems
Easily Testable Realization of a Circuit on the Basis of Polynomial Representation of Output Functions
On a Model of Joint Control of Reserves in Automatic Control Systems of Production
Simultaneous Scheduling and Assignment of Processes as a Method of Optimization of Architectural Solutions of Computer Systems1
Parallel Decoding of the Reed–Solomon Codes
Adaptive Synthesis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems under Noisy Control
The International Conference “Systems Identification and Control Problems” (SICPRO'2000)