Dynamic Input Reconstruction for a Nonlinear Time-Delay System1
Forced Oscillations in a Two-Dimensional Cone
New Stability Criteria for Constant-Coefficient Linear Systems1
Robust Assignment of Poles in Large-Scale Interval Systems
Randomized Algorithms for StochGastic Approximation under Arbitrary Disturbances
Adaptive Identification of Nonstationary Technological Processes with Markov Parameters in Stochastic Control Problems
A Linear-Quadratic Problem of Optimization of Composite Discrete 2-D Control Systems1
Identification of a Class of Linear Time—Varying Continuous—Time Systems1
On the Applicability Conditions for the Algorithms of Adaptive Control in Nonconvex Problems1
Dynamic Network Model of Investment Control for Quadratic Risk Function
An M-Stage System with Indeterminate Processing Time
Simple and Simplest Semiorders in Extremizational Choice with Additive Error
Properties of the Decision Methods in the Multicriteria Problems of Individual Choice1
On the BGM Model-Based Diagnosis of Failed Modules and Communication Lines in Digital Systems
A Characteristic Condition for Simple Partial Ordering Relations
Large-Dimensional Mathematical Programming Problems
Control of a Limited Resource on the Finite Time Interval in Automatic Queueing Systems
V IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS'01)
VII International Seminar on “Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems” May 22–24, 2002, Moscow, Russia