Optimization of the Multidimensional Control Systems with Parallelepiped Constraints1
Stabilizability of Discrete Systems over Rings
On Existence of Simple Invariant Contours in Invariant Sets of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems of the Second Order
Closed Transportation Models with Minimax Criterion1
Controllability of Linear Algebraic Differential Systems1
An Algebraic Formalism for Computing the Moments of Distributions of Quadratic Forms1
Stabilization of Discrete Time-Varying Systems by Output Control1
Identification of the Logical-and-Probabilistic Risk Models of Structurally Complex Systems with Groups of Inconsistent Events
Design of Dynamic Systems by the Phase Constraint Variation Method under Admissible Robustness
Invariant Structures of the Subdivision and Their Some Applications
On an Approach to the Estimation of the Complexity of Curves (Using as an Example an Electroencephalogram of a Human Being)
Control of Motion of an Actively Bending Body in Channels with Dry Friction1
Signal Preprocessing for Speech Recognition
Combined Design of Energy-Efficient Control of Multistage Processes
Estimation of Parameters of a Double-Stochastic Flow of Events under Conditions of Its Incomplete Observability
International Workshop “Modeling and Analysis of Safety, Risk, and Quality in Complex Systems” (MA SRQ 2001)
Third International Conference “Tools for Mathematical Modelling”