Optimal Control for Irreversible Processes in Thermodynamics and Microeconomics1
Piecewise-Linear Lyapunov Functions for Linear Stationary Systems1
Design of the Suboptimal Profiled Relay Control of Orientation of the Spacecraft Having Elastic Structural Elements with Regard for Two Oscillation Tones
A Variational Maximum Principle for Classical Optimal Control Problems
Optimal Test Signals as a Solution of the Generalized Bulgakov Problem1
Homological and Cohomological Invariants of Electric Circuits
Methods of Estimating the Envelope of Elastic Oscillations of the Flexible Spacecraft1
Identification of Hammerstein Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
Geometric Methods of the Investigation of Competition Models in a Periodic Medium1
Transformed Estimates of Densities of Heavy-Tailed Distributions and Classification
Design of Robust Output Controllers via Frequency Conditions1
A Small Model of Market Behavior1
Information Content of the Ternary Decision Diagrams
Correction of Statical Properties of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
School Geographical Information Projects
A Paper on the Identification of Stochastic Plants
Reply to the Letter of K.R. Chernyshev
Conferences and Workshops to be Conducted in 2002 by Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia