Spectral Characteristics of the Linear Systems over a Bounded Time Interval1
System Embedding. Control with Reduced Observer
Strong Active Solution in Non-Cooperative Games1
Generalized Confidence Sets for a Statistically Indeterminate Random Vector1
Reachability Sets of a Class of Multistep Control Processes
Stabilization of a Linear Object by Frequency-Modulated Pulsed Signals1
A Method of Determining a Sequence of the Best Solutions to the Problems of Optimization on Finite Sets and the Problem of Network Reconstruction
A New Approach to the Problem of Structural Identification. II
Linear Models of Circuits Based on the Multivalued Components
Nonlockability in Multirings and Hypercubes at Serial Transmission of Data Blocks
Fault-Tolerant Computer-Aided Control Systems with Multiversion-Threshold Adaptation
Diagnosis of the Technical State of Heat Systems
Analysis and Design of Reactive Filters by Energy Criteria
Synchronizing Experiments with Linear Interval Systems1
A Universal Decomposition of the Integration Range for Exponential Functions
A Linear Delay Circuit with Generalized Input Signals
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Sustainable Development