Control of Chaos
Hierarchy of the Control and Optimal-Control Structures
Realization of a Predefined Motion in a Hereditary System
Extension of a Purely Pulse Control under Boundary Conditions
An Identification Algorithm for Dynamic Systems with a Functional in the Frequency Domain
Stability of Some Difference Equations with Two Delays1
Application of the Principle of Design of Adaptive Systems with a Reference Model to Problems of Monitoring of a Current State of Transmission Shafts1
A Method to Design a Hierarchical Network of Field Pipelines by Solving a Sequence of Extremal Problems
Design of the Control Algorithm in a System of Production Rules with Time Parameter
Operability Restoration Procedure for Fault-Tolerant Digital Systems with Dynamic Redundancy
Resolution of Process Collisions in the Scalable Computer Systems
Mutual Informational Coordination in Incompletely Connected Multicomputer Systems
30 Years of the Seminar “Expert Estimates and Data Analysis”
Theory of Random Processes in Examples and Problems. B. M. Miller and A. S. Pankov. Moscow