Dynamic Routing in the ATM-Networks
Financial and Economic Analysis and Efficiency Evaluation of Investment Projects and Programs. I
A Program Package of Multi-Method Intelligent Optimal Control Procedures1
Application of Recursive Constructs for Numerical Integration and Determination of Invariant Errors
Markov Approximation Jointly with Identification of a Stochastic Object
Answers to Queries to Internet
A Robust Control Algorithm for Tracking the Reference Signal1
Adaptation Algorithms in Finite form for Nonlinear Dynamic Objects1
The Energy Criterion for Quality of Immune Defence and Pathogenicity of Microorganisms1
Preprocessing and Segmentation of the Speech Signal in the Frequency Domain for Speech Recognition
Image-Based Filtering and Control of Tubular Furnaces1
Mutual Information Agreement with the Detection and Identification of Byzantine Faults in Incompletely Connected Multicomputer Systems
Evgenii Serafimovich Pyatnitskii (July 22, 1936—March 3, 2003)