Modeling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems
Concept of the Risk Evaluation Possibilities in Complex Systems
Reliability Analysis of the Systems with Many States on the Basis of the Algebra of Tuples
An Algorithmic Model of the Time Profile of the State of a Group of Single-type Equipment for Analysis of the Risk of Reduction in Group Productivity below the Given Value
Developing the Methods of Reliability Estimation for Structurally Complex Systems of Multistate Elements
Techno-Economic Risk in Designing Complex Systems
Optimization in Identification of Logical-Probabilistic Risk Models
A Nonantagonistic Game in the Problem of Modeling of the Commercial Activity of Wholesale Enterprises
Dynamic Network Model of Managing Investment Portfolio under Random Stepwise Changes in Volatilities of Financial Assets
VaR Modelling on Long Run Horizons
Competitive Relations in Imperfect Commodity Markets1
Risk in Two-Stage Optimal Resource Allocation1
Minimax Optimization of Investment Portfolio by Quantile Criterion1
Choosing the Instant of Insurance Commencement
Mean-Square Trend
Comparison of VaR and CVaR Criteria1
Risk Aversion
Logical-Probabilistic Calculus
Features of the Logic-and-Probabilistic Risk Theory with Groups of Incompatible Events
Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Petrov