Magnetic Random Access Memory Devices
Indefinability in o-Minimal Structures of Finite Sets of Matrices Whose Infinite Products Converge and Are Bounded or Unbounded1
Computer-Aided Integration of Motions of the Discontinuous Mechanical System1
The Hammerstein–Wiener Model for Identification of Stochastic Systems
A Two-Dimensional Polynomial Filter
An Optimal Threshold Control for a BMAP/SM/1 System with Map Disaster Flow
Design of Rational Data Exchange Procedures in the Hierarchical Two-player Game : A Parametric Formulation
Estimating Efficiency of Housing and Public Services Depending on the Structure of Habitation Property
Stability of Hopfield Neural Networks1
Nondestructive RAM Testing by Analyzing the Output Data for Symmetry
Modeling and Optimization of the Throughput of the Processing Nodes in Computer-aided Control Systems of Distributed Production of Printer Matter
Using Group Technology to Plan Data Processing in Computer-aided Control Systems
Conference on the Control Theory in Memory of Academician B.N. Petrov
Aleksandr Arkad'evich Krasovskii