Mathematical Modeling of Traffic Flows
On Conditions for Stability of the Nonlinear Dynamic Systems in the Limit-Critical Case1
Passive and Active Identification of a Linear Discrete System with Bounded Disturbance
A Regression Model for Fuzzy Initial Data1
Nonlinear Confidence Estimates for Statistically Uncertain Systems1
Virtual Connections and a Traffic Optimization Model for an ATM Network
An SM2/MSP/n/r System with Random-Service Discipline and a Common Buffer1
A Queueing System with Inverse Discipline, Two Types of Customers, and Markov Input Flow
Minimal Suppression Level for External Perturbations in Robust H ∞ Output Control
Robust Control in ℓ1-Formulation
Vector Associative Memory Models1
Self-Diagnosis of Digital Systems
Diagnosis of Sensors on the Controlled Plants
“RUSYCON”—Portal of Scientific Information
III International Conference “System Identification and Control Problems”
10th International Student Olympiad on Automatic Control (St. Petersburg, May 26–28, 2004)