Control of Chaos
Embedding of Systems. Conditions of the Strict Insensitivity of Linear Systems to Nonextensive Structural Disturbances
A Method of Successive Improvement in the Design of the Controller of a Linear Discrete Plant
Methods of Symbolic Analysis of Dynamic Systems
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Turnpike Solutions in Optimization of Regional Development Strategies1
Evolution-Stable Parameters in a Periodically Changing Environment
Comparison of Interval Numbers and Optimization of Interval-Parameter Systems
Method of Analogs in Prediction of Short Time Series
Crossed Rings—Small-diameter Multiring Switches and Their 1-1-Rearrangeability
A New Approach to Estimation of the Effectiveness of Control Decisions under Conditions of Risk in ACS's
Logical Equations with Applications to Automatic Design and Control1
Error Compensation for Measurement Data Converters by Combined Feedback
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