The 75th Birthday of Academician Stanislav Vasil'evich Emel'yanov
The 75th Birthday of Academician Evgenii Aleksandrovich Fedosov
Optimal Control by Dynamic Controllers1
Stabilization of Nonstationary Pulse Systems1
Stability of the Logistic Population Model with Delayed Environmental Response1
A Mathematical Model of Geonavigation in Horizontal Well-boring Control Systems
On Constructing a Metric on a Dominating Cone. II1
Analysis and Estimation of the States of Special Jump Markov Processes. II. Optimal Filtration in Wiener Noise
Reference-Model Adaptive Control under External Disturbances
Optimal Stimulation in Multilevel Hierarchical Structures
Logical Methods for Studying Relations in Criterial Spaces with Arbitrary Ordinal Scales1
Local Self-Diagnosis of Failed Components in Digital Systems
Modeling of Economic Mechanisms for Security under Technogenic and Natural Catastrophes
Technical Systems with Structural and Time Redundancy
Continuous Price Regulation to Form the Desired Load Schedule of a Power System