Foreword to the Special Issure “Arithmetical Logic in Control Systems”
Fibonacci Arithmetic Expressions1
Family of Ternary Arithmetic Polynomial Expansions Based on New Transforms
Large Systems of Boolean Functions : Realization by Modular Arithmetic Methods
Malyugin's Theorems : A New Concept in Logical Control, VLSI Design, and Data Structures for New Technologies
HDL Constructs in Linear Word-Level Decision Diagram Based Specification1
Representation of Logical Circuits by Linear Decision Diagrams with Extension to Nanostructures1
Approximate Algorithms for Minimization of Binary Decision Diagrams on the Basis of Linear Transformations of Variables
Linear Decision Diagram Based Mapping for Rapid Prototyping
Using Word-Level Information in Formal Hardware Verification1
Algorithms for Synthesis of Polynomials Implementing Weakly Specified Boolean Functions and Systems
Design and Verification of Logical Models
Mixed-radix MVL Function Spectral and Decision Diagram Representation1
Modeling Combinational Circuits Using Linear Word-level Structures
Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration in Flight Control Systems. Ch. Hajiyev and F. Caliskan. Boston : Kluwer Academic, 2003
In Memory of L. A. Zalmanzon