Polynomial Factorization of Spectral Bases
The D-Decomposition Theory
Optimization of Parameters of Stationary Models in a Unitary Space
The Geometry of D-Decomposition of a Two-Dimensional Plane of Arbitrary Coefficients of the Characteristic Polynomial of a Discrete System
On Bifurcation of Large-amplitude Stable Cycles for Equations with Hysteresis1
Digital Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Optimal Estimation Equations for the State Vector of a Stochastic Bilinear System
A MAP K /G K /1/∞ Queueing System with Generalized Foreground-Background Processor Sharing Discipline
Virtual Waiting Time in the Single-server Queuing System with Unreliable Server
Robust Stability of Linear Discrete Stationary Systems with Uncertainty Bounded in the Anisotropic Norm
Geometrical Method of Scheduling in Project Management
Local Structural Analysis of Data Realizations
Minimized Embedding of Arbitrary Hamiltonian Graphs in Fault-tolerant Graph and Reconfiguration at Faults. I. One-fault-tolerant Structures