Partial Stability and Control
Computation of Dynamic Characteristics of Control Systems
Control of Spatial Motion Relative to Moving External Objects
Predictive Control of Random-Parameter Systems with Multiplicative Noise. Application to Investment Portfolio Optimization
Robust Stability of Fuzzy-Parameter Systems
Iterative Design of Robust Controllers under Unknown Bounded Perturbation Norms
An Approach to Self-Diagnosis of a Newly Developed Fault in Digital Systems
Construction of Maximum Cycles in Faulty Binary Hypercubes
Control of the Angular Motion of a Semiactive Bundle of Bodies Relying on the Estimates of Nonmeasurable Coordinated Obtained by Kalman Filtration Methods
Optimal Control of the Moment of Spontaneous Tumor Regression
Structure of the Software for Computer-aided Logical Design of Automatic Control
Spectral Interpretation of Decision Diagrams. Radomir, S., Stankovic and Jaakko, T. Astola
In memory of V.A. Kotel'nikov