Process Optimization under Insufficient Experimental Information in the Phase of Service
Characteristic Roots and Stability Domains of One Dynamic Delay System
A Group Pursuit Game
Choice of an Optimal Set of Geotechnical Jobs at Oil Fields : Models and Algorithms
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Optimal Time Substitution in a Control Process
Algorithm to Determine the Optimal Control of a Discrete System
Mathematical Models of Traffic Control in Internet : New Approaches Based of TCP/AQM Schemes
A Robust Control Algorithm for Tracking the Command Signal with Compensation for the Parasitic Effect of External Unbounded Disturbances
Adaptive Decentralized Control of Multivariable Plants with Scalar Input and Output and Nonminimal Realization of the Reference Model
Equivalent Gaming Formulations of the Problem of Designing the Maximum Robust Controls
Precision of the Models of Noninvasive Blood Parameter Analyzers
Decision Support System and the ZAPROS-III Method for Ranking the Multiattribute Alternatives with Verbal Quality Estimates
Checking Combinational Circuits by the Method of Logic Complement
Parametrization of the Input-Output Image of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
43rd International Conference on Decision and Control (IEEE CDC 2004)