Active Legs of Extremal Trajectories in Linear Central Field
To the Subject of Structural Control of Dynamic Flow Distribution
Attraction Domains of Delay Systems
Uncontrollable Perturbations of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Optimal Control for a System on a Unit Simplex in Infinite Time
Conversion of the Steiner Problem on the Euclidean Plane to the Steiner Problem on Graph
Solid Body Stabilization in Aerodynamic Medium with Regard for Delay
A Mechanism of Uncovering of Quantifiers in Boolean Variables
Estimation of Finite Probabilities via Aggregation of Markov Chains
Comparison of the Two Methods of Identification under Unknown-but-Bounded Disturbances
The Generalized Maximum Deviation Criterion for Input Signals of Control Systems
A Competitive Stimulation Mechanism
Studying Stability of the Econometric Model of Nonantagonistic Game of the Wholesale Market Subjects
Optimal Design of Object-Oriented Databases in Automatic Information-Control Systems. II. Models and Methods of Design of Optimal Logical Structures for Object-Oriented Databases
Selected Works of E.S. Pyatnitskii in 3 Volumes. Moscow
V International Conference and Exhibition “Computer-Aided Design and Manunfacture Product Data Manager (CAD/CAM/PDM-2005)” October 25–27, 2005